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MySocialPulse “are the 🩺corporate insights medics👩‍⚕️ you need to access the social pulse of your customers, consumers, employees, partners, wider population and more; with data you can use immediately at the heart of outputs.

From personal experience, I can tell you that the research I have just completed blew me away with the depth of insights I received, the intensely emotional sentiments at the heart of the data and the real-time nature of the NOW!””

Jeremy Blain, International CEO , Speaker & Trainer, Singapore

“The sentiments and feelings of consumers is highly important to us here at Dogepalooza LLC as we are a community driven company. Having the ability to adjust our marketing campaigns as they are happening wouldn't be possible without My Social Pulse, and we will continue to utilize their amazing products for all future projects”.

Co-Producer & Executive Director of Brand Development, USA

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